Q. Have you ever felt ripped off by a business but didn’t do anything about it?

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Take action on your consumer complaint by putting it in writing:
* Be brief (two or three paragraphs) but give a detailed explanation of exactly what happened;
*Be respectful and courteous – you want to motivate the company to care about you and to want to help you;
*Tell the company what you want and ask them to do it for you;
* Set a reasonable time limit (10 days to 2 weeks) for the company to respond to you. Some companies will require additional time so be patient;
*Send the letter to the company representative who handles consumer complaints at the corporate level – you will probably need to call the company or investigate the company online to find out this information;
* Send your letter by certified mail return receipt requested;
*Don’t cc another individual or entity until you give the company a chance to resolve your dispute;
*Follow up with the company to find out what, if anything, they will do for you. If you remain dissatisfied, advise the company that you will take this matter to the next level but do your homework first so that rather than dropping names at random, you can identify the appropriate consumer organization, government agency, licensing board, media outlet or attorney for referral of your complaint

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